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My Background


Growing up, I was surrounded by music. Singing around the dinner table and  harmonizing to the metal grates of a bridge were my norm. Upon graduating from The Boston Conservatory with my Masters of Music, I decided to move back to my home state to share my passion for music and theater. Now I sing professionally with Portland Opera, Opera on Tap PDX, and strive to make learning to sing accessible for everyone! 

For more info about me, visit: www.jenaviemeister.com  

Sharing my Passion


Music is an essential part of cultivating a happy and healthy life. Multiple studies have shown singing every day to not only improve one’s mental health, but it's also considered a heart healthy exercise according to the American Heart Association. What’s more, I truly believe everyone has the ability to sing and sing well!  Just like any skill, music is something everyone is able to learn. 

My Classes


I offer both group and private lessons for classical and modern/pop vocal techniques. Viemeister Studios welcomes people of all abilities, ages, gender identities, and race. A typical class starts with warming up the voice and body (after all, the two are connected!). Then we spend a significant time reinforcing healthy vocal technique through various exercises (think yoga for the voice). And finally, we apply those same exercises to learning songs.